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Charles Hahn Biography

Charles has been working in the sculpture business since the mid '70's when he taught at the Johnson Atelier and Tech School of Sculpture in New Jersey.

Most of my pieces appear as if you have come up upon them inadvertently, capturing a moment in time. They are casual and lifelike, depicting ordinary scenes with no overt sense of importance. In that simplicity, however, they convey a sense of familiarity that expresses their significance. There is a feeling of ease in the every day, and through my sculpture I attempt to recreate that informality. There is a tension, created by the impending action of the figure. Whether it is as simple as how a single piece of fabric falls and drapes the body, I attempt to express a point in time, especially one that might otherwise have been overlooked. In some pieces there is a definite action; in others, an implied action draws the viewer into a potential narrative. Those quiet unsuspecting moments are ripe with energy, forcing the viewer to stop, take notice, ask questions, and participate in the dialogue.



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